Jessica Robinson

Founder | Creative Director


Jessica Robinson is a stay at home mom, turned accidental social media marketer.

Six years ago, Jes' youngest daughter Autry suffered from chronic eczema and life-threatening staph infections. After her second staph hospitalization, Autry was selected to participate in a clinical trial of a new body wash for people suffering as she was.

The body wash was a miraculous success and it was cleared for sale by the FDA. The maker of the body wash, Top MD, asked Jes to become a volunteer evangelist for the product. What began as merely blog, Twitter and Facebook posts, evolved into full-fledged social media management. With Top MD, Jes worked with some of the top names in personal care product marketing.

Well, Top MD became Jes' first client. Fast-forward five years and Jes is now the Founder and Creative Director of anti-social MEDIA™. anti-social MEDIA™ provides full time, professional social media management and website lead generation for small businesses and personal brands.

Jes' husband Alan works for her as director of business development. They live in north Fort Worth with four of their five eczema-free children and their little dog Stinky.